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  • Newbie question

    how would io go about selecting my songs if i just have a 4 x 40? they just show text, right? becuse thats waht im thing about going for my soon to be system

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    Remember all your songs!!
    Ha HA

    Led display

    Letter your songs instead of numbers!!


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      never ever ever post a message with the title "Newbie Question"

      This thread is going to be so vacant youll see tumbleweeds blow by :-)

      There are LCD programs where you can browse soungs on a character LCD right?? Lorty lets ya browse something...I personally just keep a list and use my x10 mouseremote...remotes are phat..dont like keypads

      alright, im out

      - JustAGuy


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        There are various plugins for winamp to handle the kind of lcd you have.
        Do some research yourself on the examples pages of and search for HD44780 setups.

        You'll find lots of information there.

        Did you also use the 'search' function of this board and search for 40x4 ????

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          Hi Berzerk10,
          MPXF is a frontend for MPXPLAY that lets you select songs by artist, title, etc. MPXPLAY lets you step through your list of songs an album at a tme, or a song at a time, or randomly select a song by typing in it's number in the list.