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    I'm going to use a laptop screen for my display (got a controller) but I'm looking at ebay options and trying to decide which it the best screen for the job. My card supports Color STN Single Scan Color STN Dual Scan Color TFT Active Matrix Monochrome DSTN VGA & SVGA XGA. I'm the first to admit that I'm not an computer expert, more like an experienced user. So, I searched the forums for some answers, but didn't find many. Would sombody like to give me an "LCD's for Dummies" version of the world of LCD standards? Specifically, is it worth the extra dough for a $100 TFT when DSTN's are like 20$. Motion blur is an issue, as I'll be upgrading to DVD, (which means 16 bit color or better right?). Sorry if this is a repeatative question. Thanks!

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    Motion blur is an issue, as I'll be upgrading to DVD
    Now you gave yourself the answer to you question here.
    • The STN (Single & Double) WILL blur the motion as they simply don't have the good refresh rates. (like somthing when you move your mouse around real quick it will get some kind of 'tail')
      So you would need a TFT if you should decide to upgrade to DVD
    • The TFT screens offer you a much wider viewing angle than the STN Screens. So when used in car it wouldn't be to hard to read at, and if you want DVD you want other passengers to enjoy the movie as well, instead of the only one who has a good sight at the STN screen.
    • I Don't know if I'm right, but I think Aaron somewhere said it.
      If you're gonna do it do it right.
      This is absolutely true.
      you might think now, why not get a Good STN screen for say 25$.
      Then you upgrade to a TFT a you pay money twice to get a good screen !
    • Your Controller-Card Supports COLOR TFT, So use it !!!
      I think may of us would like to have a card you have !! They all would take a TFT screen

    Hope this helps you out !

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      Thanks Greetz,

      I thought tft was the best, but didn't know how much better. Your right, why settle for functional when you can do it right the first time. I'll get a TFT.