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full size color laptop display?

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  • full size color laptop display?

    i have a spare samsung color laptopdisplay. can i use it as a display for mi carputer?connected to my excisting graphics card? It seems to have an integrated controller. it has only 10 wires coming out of the pcb on the back.
    heres some of the text from the back..
    p/n 1990-165-0032
    m/n LT121S1-101
    can an adapter be made so it can be used? any help appreciated...
    If it works, i will have a huge display on my incar pc....
    just because its cool....

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    dunno, I couldn't find anything useful with goolgle


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      i too have tried searching a bit, but havent found anything yet.. Maybe ill just take my friends offer and buy a really cheap stolen complet laptop from him(600mhz with dvd and the lot.) rip it apart, and build it into my car??? would that work. it has a lot of cool stuff...
      just because its cool....


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        well here is some info that might help

        panel info

        Model - LT121S1-101
        Manufacturer - samsung
        Panel Type - LCD TFT
        Diagonal Size (inches) - 12.0
        Resolution - 800x600
        Colours - 262144
        Brightness (cd/mē) - 70
        Contrast Ratio - 80
        Viewing Angle (Horiz/Top/Bottom) - 90/10/30
        Input Signal Type - TTL RGB
        Backlight Life (hrs) - 10000
        Panel Voltage (V) - 3.3
        Dimensions WxHxD (mm) - 278x200x8
        Weight (gm) - 500

        pinouts http://www.inside-

        controler for it

        thats enough info for me

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          a stolen laptop? Thats smart. Man I hate theives.


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            I second that. hey maybe he has my $759 pioneer cd player from my car? >
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              hfracing: That is extremly stupid. Not only are you incouraging thieves, which could rip the stereo out of your car at any moment, but, if you get pulled over for a ticket or something, and they somehow notice it, you get assisted Robbery or something along those lines, not a happy fine.
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                actually its called "receiving stolen property," and the penalty is to pay a fine and forfiet the stolen goods. That would really suck though, because it goes down as a criminal conviction on a misdemeanor which screws with your credit rating, ability to get a job, and other things. In all likelyhood a cop isnt going to say "hey, thats a nice stereo system, can I see the serial numbers?"

                BUT if you get in an accident serious enough for insurance investigators to become involved, they will take down the serial numbers and run them through a records check to see how much you paid for that stuff--then it comes back stolen and youre screwed
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                  SOmething like this happened to a friend of mine a long time ago. He bought a stereo system from a friend, not even knowing it was stolen. Then one of his friends who was friends with the original owner of the stereo equipment (following me?) recognized the stuff and told him my friend had it. He told the cops and the cops searched his car, got the serial numbers, and arrested my friend. The whole time he had no idea the stuff was stolen. He had to pay a huge fine and spend the day in jail. Get a f*%*ing job and buy the stuff.


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                    okay guys, i get your point, ill just buy a lcd and use one of the broken laptops from my fathers work!! does that sound better??!
                    just because its cool....