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PC/104 lcd controllers?

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  • PC/104 lcd controllers?

    I have been spending hours upon hours scouring the net to find a place other than flat-panel to buy my controller and inverter from. I have recently come across some pc/104 controllers for relatively cheap. But I don't think the motherboard I plan on getting (intel se440bx-2) supports pc/104 stuff. So my question is are there any motherboards you guys know of that will support a pc/104 card? A while ago schrodos told me to buy a vga controller instead of a pci one, but I haven't had much luck finding any info on those either. Any further info would be great! Thanks

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    PC104 is mostly for embedded stuff. My EM-586 embedded computer has it. But, then again, most embedded computers with the PC104 connection already have lcd support built in, like mine. :/