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4-wire vs. 5-wire?

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  • 4-wire vs. 5-wire?

    I found this Xenarc screen on Froogle and it looks like the same Xenarc 700TS sold in the mp3Car store, but it says it is a 4 wire t/s instead of a 5 wire. Are they different models? Or is that a typo of some sort? What is the difference? Wouldn't mind saving $50 if there's not a difference.

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    5 wire is better in many ways:
    - Lets more light pass through so to makes the whole LCD appears brighter
    - more accurate, especially around the edges
    - less affected by temperature changes
    - good for up to 35 million presses vs. 1 million presses on a 4 wire TS
    - if you do something to scratch the touch screen the rest of the screen will still work

    So 5-wire is better


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      Cool, thanks! Sounds like the extra 50 bucks is worth it then.