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i want one of these in my car.

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  • i want one of these in my car.

    drool baby!
    Free entrance to heaven? WOW! I DUN BELIEVE! JC!

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    oh my goodness! I want one in my car and one at home! WOW!


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      I need a bigger desk and a loan.


      Originally posted by Tidder
      Hey, as long as it's not any particular race I'm offending, I can stand to be a pedophile.
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        Whoa! How much could I get for my left kidney?


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          After reading all the drooling, I had to look. OH ... MY ... GOD !!! How about a few remote cameras mounted on the roof, and have this setup replace the windshield?

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            Thats nothing.

            I don't think it would fit in anyones Car, but imagine playing Quake on that badboy!

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              Actually if you use three computers with DOOM, and network them together, you can set one as /left, one as /right, and one as normal... and use the left and right as peripheral vision, so if you turn your head, you actually see whats on that side, as opposed to whats kinda on that side in front of you. hehe So I still like the 3-monitor thing.
              I wonder if they have something similar in UT or Quake
              Free entrance to heaven? WOW! I DUN BELIEVE! JC!