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Someone please help 10 hrs wasted working on 4 x 20 Character LCD

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  • Someone please help 10 hrs wasted working on 4 x 20 Character LCD

    I had an LCD working, but messed it up when trying to change the polarity (duh). So then...

    I recently purchased two 4 x 20 Seiko LCD's from EIO. I couldn't remember when reading the wiring diagram on which way to count the numbers on the connector. So, I wired one LCD counting the pins with the solder points facing me and the other with the solder points facing away from me. Neither way worked when used with the computer. I connected my printer from my desktop to the "Mp3car comp" and the printer worked fine. So, I know the computer's output is working. I have checked all of the wiring many times over to ensure that they are wired "correctly."

    I have read where people use LCDPrint to check out their computer's configuration to properly send LCD info, but don't know how to do that. It is a DOS app. and I know squat about DOS.

    If anyone can give me some info on how to figure out what my problem is I would appreciate it. I have everything else configured and have it running in my truck without the display. Everything else works fine.

    I am running Windows 98 with Winamp. I have tried the WinLCD plugin for Winamp and have purchased Lorty's plugin for when I can get the LCD to work. I tried using both apps to get each LCD to work to no avail.

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    I have wired about 4 different types of these in the past.

    I could tell you stuff to check , but the pin wiring is really important, and troubleshooting could be useless / damage the stuff if the pins are miss-wired.
    so -
    I will again offer -
    Anyone with LCD's, serial / parallel , relays, aux power sources, dual battery systems - Inverter auto off w/ PC (at or ATX)
    These are all very simple electronic components / questions (for me at least) and I know a lot of people don’t have soldering / building experience.

    Anyone that wants some stuff assembled, pay for shipping (to and from) and I’m happy to assemble stuff & build small circuits for power control. Free of charge.

    Now, keep in mind, I’m not asking for payment, so I am not promising a speedy return. I have a full time job that keeps me busy, but I don’t mind (actually enjoy) helping out. When I have a lot of free time, I can do the work faster, also don’t ask me to wire / build excess quantities.
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