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Lilliput Overheating issue?

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  • Lilliput Overheating issue?


    I just purchased a Lilliput 7" LCD Touchscreen. Im having an issue where the screen seems to work correctly for some time then after a period of time it decides to go to a black screen. If I turn it off and on it comes back for probably 5 seconds then goes off. It does however seem to function well when its just turned on. The obvious answer is that its overheating. Can anyone confirm that this is true and/or a common failure with these devices.

    I have pretty much confirmed it isnt hardware. Several PC's and multiple resolutions later suggest this.

    I have to say, for the money it's pretty poor if thats the case. A deeper back chassis with better quality fan should be a must change for these guys at Lilliput.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    * NB:
    I have read a previous post about overheating in this device but it was lacking the symptoms or "signs" which cause this.