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SHARP 6" LCD Display....

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  • SHARP 6" LCD Display....

    I just recieved a sharp LQ6NC02 and cable connector kit. I was just wondering where on earth can I find a backlight inverter for this thing in Australia ?

    Is it possible to just use any source that outputs the recommended 330V @ 7A as specified in the data sheet?

    Thanks, and great forum!

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    330V @ 7A

    I do hope that you mean 330V @ & 7 mA

    Is going to be a hell of power. 7*330v = 2310Watts ??? you will be able to power a small stadium with that..

    I think it isn't possible/recommended to uses just any source that outputs the suggested power..
    You should go the save way and get yourself a special for this display designed invertor.
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    • #3 - I buy all my lcd stuff from there.

      They are a paine to work with, and a bit pricey, but they know there stuff.
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