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character and tft lcd at the same time

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  • character and tft lcd at the same time

    I've search but it seems that I had no luck on finding the answering I'm looking for.. or maybe I just missed it.

    It seems that the tft lcd is more expensive and I really need to hook up a computer soon. character is only $20 or so.

    I was wondering. If I install everything with a character lcd as a display. would that be posible to just add a tft later on? or is that going to be a major upgrade. I have a perfect spot for the character lcd and I don't want to remove it when I get the money for the tft

    thanx in advance

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    depends on how you set up your software, but if you use winamp with the LCD plugin then np you can slap a tft in there as long as you have tv-out. i know there's people that have both displays....look at the example pages.


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      Yes it is no major surgery. Talke to jose, he has done exactly that and infact he has 40x4 + 2 TFT a 10" and a 4". And he is running C3 which can output to both LCD + TFT simultaneously.
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