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  • Help Connecting LCD

    Ok, here's my deal. I have a 1999 Jeep Wrangler. A buddy of mine bought a TFT Headrest LCD Car Monitor , but he decided he didn't want it and gave it to me. So this is the screen i have to work with. I don't want to buy another one. I know it's not VGA and it sucks but i wanna try it just for DVDs and maybe PS2.

    I don't know alot about wiring it up, so this is were i need help. It includes one wire that connects to the LCD with one end, the other end has the video and audio RCA jacks, and a red power wire, black ground wire, and a green reverse control line. I've searched online and all through out these forums and can't find anything to help.

    Here are pictures:

    What came with the LCD

    The wires i need help with

    The only mention of the wires in the instructions

    My First question is how do i power this??

    Here is the red power wire

    I bought a add-a-circuit fuse tap to connect to the red power wire but im not sure if it fits.

    Also what is this green Reverse Control line??? What do i do with it??

    I tried to hook it up already. Used the add-a-circuit on the radio fuse, and the radio still worked. Had the ground connected to the ground under the glovebox. It wouldn't power up. So my guess is it's something to do with the Green Wire. That or i cannot connect this red power wire to the add-a-circuit.

    Please if anyone has any helpful advice for me. I tried to be as descriptive as possible and add pictures so someone could help me figure this out. If you need more info or pictures let me know.

    Thanks Rocold

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    green wire porbably switches the LCD to the other AV input when it is connected to 12V. that way you connect it to your reverse lights (via relay preferably) and when you select reverse it switches the screen to the reverse cam.


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      do you need to put a fuse in that black box on the power lead?


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        There is already a fuse in the black box.

        OK, that takes care of the green wire, now how do i connect the red wire. Is that a normal power wire? Will it connect to my add-a-curcuit, or do i need another connector?


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          Well normally on aftermarket HU there is a bullet type connector in the loom so you can either plug the HU into permanant on or only on when acc line is on. The cable you have is deisned to allow you to splice into the middle of this. If you dont have this bullet connector then simply splice into the +ve some other way.

          I am sure you can work out a way to connect two wires. It aint rocket science now is it?


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            Looks like th addon wire should be fine into that fuse tap. they both have bullet connectors. Why dont you jsut push em together and try?????


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              I did hook it up with the tap fuse, but it wouldn't power up. So that's why i was thinking maybe they didn't go together. Thats why i was thinking it was something with the green wire.


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                how did you connect the balck wire?


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                  I connected the black wire to a bolt under the glove box that already had a ground on it. And tried another bolt when that one didn't work.


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                    you got a multimeter? Check the power getting to the screen.

                    i would test the screen by simply putting the back and red wires onto the terminals of a battery.


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                      you mean the red power on the red terminal and the black ground to the black terminal?

                      I did check the power coming from the add-a-circuit, it tested fine. But when i have everything hooked up how would i check?


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                        yes, red is +ve and black is -ve

                        To check you can put a multimeter inside the little fuse box and on the battery -ve to check for power at that point which will test your connections. Those fuse adapters may not be the best option. YOu may be better hooking up to the HU power wiring by soldering onto the wires or using some other splice things. I woud go down to your local car audio place and see what they have for splicing in as you dont seem to be experienced with this kind of stuff.