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    I'm wondering how everyone that uses smaller character LCDS navigates through their songs? The only way I can thinkg of is to have one big playlist, but that seems like a huge pain. Any suggestions?

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    I generally have one playlist per one album, and they're organized in a tree structure:

    + Genres
    + Artists
    + Albums
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      Do a little research yourself among the various Winamp LCD Plugins,

      There are also DOS Based players like MPX, with an MPXF-Frontend,

      And there is -off course- Cobra, which will let you do almost anything with the char.display.

      It's way to difficult to explain exactly how we work with it, and tell you what information the lcd shows.

      So search around some examples on this site.

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        CobraI/III all the way for what u are trying to do.
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          Charles Enwesi: Does CobraIII work with character LCD's??
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