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Wtb Av Cable For Lilliput 619gl-70np

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  • Wtb Av Cable For Lilliput 619gl-70np

    I have a Lilliput 619GL-70NP monitor, which is missing the AV cable. (This is the one with the monitor-side connector that looks like a USB socket.) Anyone know where I can buy one? (NOTE: I've queried digitalww so far. Any others around?)

    I'm also needing the 12v cable that came with the unit, but at least I can substitute that easy enough.


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    Me too

    I have the same lcd screen and am looking for an av cable.
    As you say it uses a USB style connector for audio/video/power.
    I've seen pictures of a rightangle version of this connector on the same lcd tv but can't find a supplier


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      av cable


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        Hi Guys,

        Have checked with Digital WW and they dont stock this lead anymore...

        Have emailed too, but its no longer on the website.

        Does anyone know of anywhere else that stocks the lead looking like a usb but not a usb lead.

        The lead I need has red, white, yellow and power attached to a lead that is like a usb but smaller and clips in.

        Sorry to bring back an old thread, but i could do with some help guys

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