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PSOne LCD vs 5.6" PartsExpress??

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  • PSOne LCD vs 5.6" PartsExpress??

    Just curious if anyone has used one of the 5.5" psone lcds in their setups? And would anyone know how they compare to the ones that partsexpress sells?? Thanks.
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    I have been in the showroom at partsexpress and seen the 5.6" it is blurry and the colors are washy. not a good choice.


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      i have one of the 5" not 5.6" psone screens in my car.
      will shoot a pic when i get home.
      works fine for me, it is not blurry and very good with the cobra program.
      also works fine with winamp but you will have to make the fonts somewhat bigger.
      but i really recommend the cobra program, it is the MAX.
      time for the sig:

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        I put a 5" psone screen in my car. Painted it black, and hung it upside down from roof. Looks tight.