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LCD or not LCD? that is the question??

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  • LCD or not LCD? that is the question??

    Do I really need an LCD??
    I bought a 2line 16character one but can't seem to get it to work... I also have a couple of other LCDs. one is from an old B&W laptop, the other is a bit different, it is an epson, from this old, old, old, old, laptop thing... What one should I try to use????

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    to get the old laptop screen to work would require a controller card. They are $300 (for the VGA ones, I dunno about B/W) from

    I know nothing about character LCD's, so I cant help you there.

    Everything is dependant on how much money you are willing to spend. Personally, I wouldnt waste the money needed to get a B/W screen to work, but it's up to you.
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      Hi SKINNY,
      I built an MP3 player using a desktop PC and 4x20 LCD display with MPXPLAY and MPXF. When I decided to build one for my car, naturally I used a mobo with integrated audio and video. However, that is when MPXF, and later MPXFTSR, would often not allow the PC to boot up. It would go to POST and just cycle on and on, doing POST after POST. I narrowed it down to MPXF and MPXFTSR being the culprit. After several posts to RADIOACTIVESOFT.COM (or NET), the author of MPXF and MPXFTSR, I read where other users had similar problems. Not getting any responses from the authors of these programs, my choices were:
      1) put up with often unusable software that only occasionally worked with a display
      2) use a stable player without a display.
      So I have been playing MP3s in my car for about 3 months without a display.
      It is not a big deal, you don't want to be looking at the display while going 70 MPH anyway!


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        Well, I'll go without an LCD for now, but would still like to see if I can get the laptop screen working.....
        What are the pins????
        Can anyone help??

        You drive at 70MPH??????


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          dont bother with the B/W laptop screen, I would bet that it would be cheaper and less heartache in the long run to fork out for a colour LCD in the long run..... since you will want to play DVD's/DivX oneday and regret the time spent on a B/W lcd.....

          .....but personally I have a 40X2 LCD (check my site for images) and I love it.... they are cheap to buy even in AUS (I know of a few surplus suppliers) and once you get one wired up they are a piece of cake to get going......

          my ideas and ramblings anyway.....

          Project - GAME OVER :(


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            what type of video signal do laptop LCDs use???


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              Originally posted by THE_SKINNY_MP3_KID:
              what type of video signal do laptop LCDs use???</STRONG>
              spose it could be propritery to the make/model of the laptop????
              Project - GAME OVER :(


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                okay, I won't bother with it, I can't find anything on the net about the screen, so, I give up...