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lcd and the summer heat?

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  • lcd and the summer heat?

    its been really hot here in toronto this week and i am in the makeing stages of my mp3 player i bought a 10" tfl lcd screen but i am worried about the heat its going to be runin into to... and in winter when it dropes below -40c out side and in summer its around 35 to 40c here...

    what you guys think will happen?

    and also how would i keep my computer cool in summer i dont think adding fans will help a great deal when its very hot inside?


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    dunno about full screen color lcd's, but my 4x40 worked flawlessly through a 110*F Texas summer...


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      Well It's been 90-95 Degrees here in PA. I've had my 6.4" TFT working great even during the hottest time of day. For more info on my display, visit my website.
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        dont have to care to much about the sun here in the netherlands.

        those 3 days a year that it really shines
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          i live in vermont, it's been ~90 degress F the past week here (10 times worse in my car). My car sits in a parking lot that has the sun coming right in my front window for a large portion of they day. when i go out to my car after work the steering wheel is too hot to even touch. The has still worked find though (its a 5.6" TFT). BTW, it's located right on top of my dash in the sun
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            I'm in Chicago's suburbs and it gets hot! I don't know about a TFT, but my 40x4 is alright. One time it was blue when I got back to my car it was so hot! So I just detatched it and brought it inside and put it next to the air conditioning vent. I also dropped it on cement and it works fine still!


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              cool thanks for the info guys i was worried