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PS-ONE 4" lcd screen - inside!!

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  • PS-ONE 4" lcd screen - inside!!

    I have found my old ps-one screen, not the official one. I took it apart and now i need help working out what cables i plug into where. here are some images: IMAGE 1 IMAGE 2

    on the second picture the socket with four cables is the video input, but also sound aswell, the green cable is one of the sound cables, but i dont know what the other three are. the black one comes out from the bottom, i think thats the earth cable, If you know what cable may be what, please help.

    Thanks for your time.

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    ok, after about an hour of fiddling round, i managed to get a flickering green screen with a stripe in the middle.

    And when i connect the video out cable from my pc up to it stabalizes it and it stop flickering, but it is still the same green screen, any ideas.....anyone?


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      not sure myself, but i have seen tutorials on the net with pinouts and such, may even be one on here.

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        Check this thread;

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          Cheers mate, suprised i havent run into that thread. But i think im gonna have to get a new LCD, i kinda might of accidentally, but not on purpose, broke mine.

          what can i say, erm... it just fell apart in my hands?