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Has anyone found a good, cheap 5-7" screen?

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  • Has anyone found a good, cheap 5-7" screen?

    I'm currently searching for a screen and I think five inches is as low as I'll go, and I don't think any more than 7" would work too well. Has anyone seen any good screens within that bracket for around $200-300? What about with s-video, or even VGA? I've seen tons of 5" screens for about $200, but they only seem to ever have composite input.

    Does anybody use the Rand Mcnally GPS software with a 5" (or close) screen at 640x480 or even 800x600? How is it?

    Do these little LCD screens tend to look better through TV-out than typical CRT TVs?

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    Not to be a weiner, but if you use the search feature or even skim through the LCD section you will find all that you need. But to sum it up, a VGA will give you a much sharper picture than a composite or "TV-OUT" video signal. But the VGA are much more expensive, and I think the smallest size is 6.4". Small text will be illegible on a NTSC or tv out screen. If you can afford it, go for the VGA. A great place to find them is at


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      I find that pretty much any GPS software packaged, with one exception, is unusable on a 5.6" NTSC RCA LCD.

      The exception is CoPilot 2001. CoPilot works great at 800x600 on my 5.6" LCD. CoPilot uses large fonts with simplified displays. Real handy.

      Personally, I don't recommend anything but CoPilot 2001 for GPS navigation, whether or not you have a big VGA display. All the other programs are trip planning programs with 'back on track' features. CoPilot is designed from the beginning to be in-vehicle navigation software, and it shows.
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