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VGA->TV Cable!

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  • VGA->TV Cable!

    Ok, would this work? Im currently using a tv out card, but this looks like it would be easier and better.
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    If you already have TV-OUT, i doubt this would improve the picture... never know though.

    Looks like the cable they include with the Matrox G400 Dual Head video card.
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      It wont improve picture because a tv has scanlines and not pixels like a monitor, that is why a tv isnt as good qualiity for computer. this cable would just be for those who dont have tv out on their video cards. But i though the cable had some kind of converter to convert it to pal or ntsc but htis wone doesnt seem to have this


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        Correct me if i'm wrong but i believe this cable only works with video cards that have NTSC out capability built into the hardware...that you switch on with software and then use the cable which isn't converting the signal from VGA to NTSC but actually just giving you the right pins on the VGA connector through which the hardware on the video card is sending the NTSC signal.


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          I already asked this question awhile back. It will only work if this is the type of cable you video card uses for tv-out. Lots of laptops use these, ATI Rage Mobile cards do. It is still using TV-out, same as you are using. It won't improve your picture.


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