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LM8V31 LCD panel

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  • LM8V31 LCD panel

    I have access to a bunch of these panels for $50 american each. They have built in touch screens. They're not the greatest LCD's, but at 7.7" for $50 bucks with a touchscreen they're not bad. I have a problem though, I know nothign baout them and have been unable to find much info. I need ot find out if you need special software for hte touchscreen or if it will jsut act as a mouse like some do. Also, I need to find out what controllers work with this card ( I have been unable to find any as of yet). Thanks for any help.

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    Google works wonders. You should try it sometime!!


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      If the touchscreen has 4 wires coming out of it, you can get a standard controller for it ($50ish) and use it like a mouse.


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        actually, I did try google, but was unable ot find the info I was looking for. I found that the screen wasn't overly bright, but has a contrast of 30:1, but what I need to find out is what controller I need in order to use this flat panel with the touch screen.


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          here is a link to pictures of the lcd, hopefully this will help.

          oh, and by the way, I can get as many of these as I want for $50 each, so if anyone is interested e-mail me...


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            I did a little searching and it looks like it'll be pretty hard to find a controller that works with a straight pc for the touchscreen as the lcd is suppose to work with handheld units. (I couldn't find a thing.)

            However, finding a controller for the video isn't hard, there are a few out there.

            I guess these are the connectors which fit the LCD which I don't really understand.

            The screen is only DSTN too.

            Post if you find anything as it's a nice size screen and w/ touchscreen kinda cool.
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