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Help with choosing an TFT LCD

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  • Help with choosing an TFT LCD

    I am looking for suggestions on a display for a future system I am planning on building. It would be centered around a windows PC with a ATI Tv-out video card, probably running CobraIII. It would be used primarily for playing MP3's, watching DVD/VCD/MPEG/TV and maybe GPS in the future. I am trying to figure out where I want the display and what size display. My 2 options are: a 5.6" or so LCD to mount in the double din dash of my 96 4runner. That would mean I would have to relocate my JVC headunit which I want to still keep. (unless I can get a shock proof cdrom for the PC) This option would look the most stealth and the coolest, and would be easy to wire up. But the only drawbacks would be the smaller screen. Would a 5.6" be sufficient? The other option would be a 6.8" Mobile Authority M68 (or another type) with a fabbed overhead mount right between the sunroof and the windsheild in plain view, like the one pictured on cenwesi's FTP. This option would be great because it would be a larger screen size. The drawbacks would be running wires down the side of the headboard and windshield and the fact that the monitor is in plain view, making it a direct target for theifs. So which option would you guys reccomend?

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    well, i have not seen cenwesi's lcd but, the 5.6" in the dash would look really nice (but would not be the greatest for all gps) now, if u run a 6.8" mount it so that it folds up, this way when u r not using it, it is not just sitting there in plain view


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      Kain, thats how i have mine but it doesn't fold up. This way is not in plain view.
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        Originally posted by cenwesi:
        <STRONG>Kain, thats how i have mine but it doesn't fold up. This way is not in plain view.</STRONG>
        What size/brand/model screen are you running? And how well can you read text?