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    Has anybody found a decent plug-in for Noritake VFD (4x20) displays using direct parallel connection? I have yet to find a good one. I have no problems with my 2x20 display, but the 4x20 output is bad. Would a serial piggyback work better?


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    Good luck, I had the most success with lortys plugin but even then it was tricky. The VFD is so much more sensitive because it is very fast responding and you see stuff you dont see on a lcd. Also, mine had lines 2 & 3 reversed and lines 3 & 4 would only allow text to be displayed to the 10th digit. Later found out you had to add 15 to the location to get past 10th digit.

    I have decided all the extra headache is just not worth it and am going to buy one of arbys reversed units.

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      I got one right after you did and have tried a couple plugins and have been using LCDisplayer( with out problems. I also have the line 2&3 problem so I can't use a multiline spectrum analyzer but that is OK, the single line one looks great and it gives me more lines for text. I have the spectrum analyzer on line 4, Title center/scrolling on line 1, Artist left on line 2(3), playlist number/total songs, time remaining on line 3(2).


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        lorties plugin has an option to reverse lines 2+3 to make the vfd normal


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          I have a Noritake 4x20 VFD and I use Lorty's Registered plugin that has lines 2+3 reversed. It works quite nice, once you figure out the VFD.
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            Take a look at this page maybe this plugin will do the trick for you
   love this plugin because you can controlle winamp with 4 buttons.
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              because you can controlle winamp with 4 buttons.
              Yeah.. true,
              but you may want to use extra buttons for :
              |< << [] || > >> >| , and one for shuffle or something.. (it would be quite a hassle if you want to search in a song, playlist or something...)
              I'm happy this plugin can do this also

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                Here is why.

                Those noritake SCPB lcd emulation displays are NOT HD44780 compatible.

                on the contrary, they are HD66712 compatible.

                A program called LCDhype can drive those very well. no line switching, no nothing.

                it works perfect, AND you can code your own scripts for the display using built in scripting functions.