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Using Laptop Lcd Screens in Car

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  • Using Laptop Lcd Screens in Car

    Is it possible to use a 11.5" thinkpad lcd screen in my car? What would i need to purchase or modify so i can run a 12v power from my car and hook up a vcr or tv tuner to it?

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    Many expensive things.

    If you want it to run off the computer VGA, you need a ~$300 controller. Then, you'd have to get the tv signal into the comptuer, and out the video card. You couldn't directly interface a NTSC signal and a digital lcd screen.


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      hrm so i guess mobile lcd tft screen are alot different from laptop screens, thx for info tho


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        this is actually why I got into the carputer thing in the first place.

        read the "computer history" section on my website for the whole story.
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          Does this mean that you need the controller for any laptop even if you are just using the screen for your desktop. sorry if it is a stupid question i just want to be sure. If it is possible i will be using an older Compaq Laptop Screen


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            I'd like to entertain the kids on a long trip.
            I have a IBM thinkpad 600E .. other than loading it up with dvd movies and popping it in the car (I have a 400W power inverter),
            can't I run a source to the nice 15" laptop screen?

            Any way to get nintendo hooked up without getting another monitor with rca audio and video inputs?


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              Steele: desktop lcds have vga controllers in them allready as they have a vga input cable (if they are dvi then you will need a video card with dvi to plug it in of course) so you could use one of them if you wanted to. laptop lcds do not have vga controllers, the laptop it self will probably have a vga plug but the lcd doesnt interface through it.

              handyx: unless you get a controller card for the extra screen and your laptop can have another screen simulateously you could. (or if you could somehow split the 31pin hirose cable you could have 2 lcd from the same source, but that would be tricky and probably make your laptop less portable. as for hooking up a nintendo you need a videocard that has video inputs, since you have a laptop you should try getting a usb capture card, and run the rca video into that, and get an adapter cable so you can plug the rca audio into the audio input on your soundcard.