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4x40 Character or 240x64 Graphical LCD

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  • 4x40 Character or 240x64 Graphical LCD

    Anyone who has worked with these types of interface have any sugestions or comments as to which would be more useful. It seems the character LCDs have more software support already written for them involving carmp3 setups. Where as a graphical LCD might make for a more interesting display allowing for an oscilliscope or smoother spectrum analyser.

    My main question is, if I rotate a 240x64 display to 64x240. Can the LCD text in text mode be rotated also?

    Finally, has anyone see retailors selling 96x320 Graphical LCDs, I've seen 128x320 around but to improve upon 4x40 character, 96x320 sounds better.

    This is where I was thinking of getting a 240x64 LCD they have a useful FAQ