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My New LCD.

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  • My New LCD.

    I finally decided to save some cash and buy an LCD. I am getting this one from Earth...
    I will just have to mod some of my truck to get it to fit. Shouldn't be too hard. I will be running a PII 450 with a dvd drive.
    I will post some pics of my setup once i get everything done.

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    Quote from "Can I use this LCD outside?

    Not yet (o.k. maybe in the shade or car with tinted glass) but we are looking into backlight enhancement. This is available as an analog monitor as the EarthVue-12R."

    I would email them and ask them more questions regarding the use of this particular LCD model in your vehicle. It has only Contrast Ratio 150:1 and Brightness 150 nits-- which is my opinion is not enought for daytime use.
    But, these are very nice screens. They go for $250 on

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      I won the same NEC screen off an EBay auction a few weeks ago and got my screen in the mail last week. It's sweet! It looks really crisp and has much better resolution that a dinky tv screen. DVDs look great on it! I would highley recommend them as carputer screens, of course, they are bigger than most screens, so fitting them into a car might be a bit of a challenge...