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Lilliput screen enclosure for MKII MR2.

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  • Lilliput screen enclosure for MKII MR2.

    I have already posted about this on the message board but figured I would post here just incase someone else here wanted the same solution as I did.

    I am working on an enclosure for my 7" lilliput touchscreen to mount where the stock radio goes in a MKII Toyota MR2. I am trying to make it to where I don't have to cut the factory trim piece at all so if later down the road I want to go back to a regular radio I can just pull it out. Basically I have to remove the screen from it's original housing and place it in the enclosure I made. I have made the prototype but it is not as "professional" looking as I like. So I had a local place that has a CNC machine make one. The first one (mine) was kinda pricey but each one after that I can get at a reasonable cost. If anyone would be interested let me know.

    Below is a link to pictures of the finished product with it installed in my 91 Turbo MR2. Pay no attention to the crusty glue around the top and sides on the bezel. I got this bezel used from an member since I had to cut into mine to make the homemade enclosure fit.

    Check here for updated pics!!!!!

    This will only fit a Lilliput 7" touchscreen model number 619GL-70NP/C.

    I have my two beta testers in line and will start selling these soon. The price is going to be $110 shipped in the 48 states. That is if I don't make more revisions (Don't worry though, I won't do anything to raise the price if at all possible). I need to try to sell these in batches of at least 5. If not 10. That way the price can be kept down and I can keep my supplier happy.

    So if anyone wants one let me know and I can add you to the list. I will put up a site that has install instructions and all and a way to pay as soon as i get feedback from my testers.