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Please help: Lilliput LCD fried??

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  • Please help: Lilliput LCD fried??

    Was wondering if maybe someone could help me, I have an 8" Lilliput lcd screen, (the new ones i guess, since it has the snap-in connector instead of the old usb one) well anyway I received the monitor byitself with no cables or anything from my friend who wants me to get the replacement cables for it, he went on a trip and lost the bag that had the cables in it. I took it home and hooked it up to a universal DC adapter, set the voltage at 12V and think I may have fried something, I didnt set the polarity since I did not know which setting it needed, but nonetheless it was plugged in for about 15 seconds and pushing the power button did nothing, but after about 10 seconds I heard a "sizzling" sound, like some kind of liquid was boiling or something, I immediately unhooked the power from the unit, but noticed a strong smell of what I was at first puzzled by, but remembered I had used something earlier that smelled just like it, finally it came to me, it smelled like Noxon 7, the metal polisher and cleaner (comes in a green bottle and is great for clwaning up metal but anyway...). I'd say this is the only thing I could describe it as, it was very pungent and strong, so I dont know if I fried the unit, or maybe I just fried a fuse/diode inside (hopefully) that was there in case something like this happened and maybe
    I could replace it myself and get it working again, any help would be much appreciated, I would feel really bad giving my friend back a non working lcd when he trusted me enough to try and help him. Thank you again, feel free to contact me at [email protected] I check my email several times a day.
    Also I still need to get the replacement cables so any info would be also very very appreciated.

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    and the answer to your question... never really played with the 8 inch lilliputs but i guess they are basicly the same setup as the 7 inch.... so if you can bust it open and check the fuses run continuity tests on them to see if they are working or not and then try to find the sizzld **** inside :-) post some pics and try to post up more info about the adapter u used to power it up and compare it to the original one if u can find the specs online


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      Yeah, open the case and look around. If something got toasted you will probably be able to spot it.

      Also if you take some decent pics and post them we might be able to have a look.