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Older TFT's and colours...

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  • Older TFT's and colours...

    I managed to pick up an old taxan crystalvision 100 lcd monitor quite cheap, and it is perfect for the car, exept for one thing... colours!

    I boot up into windows and it looks perfect, but as soon as I look at a picture or a mpeg, it looks like crap... it looks like there are only 32 colours on the screen at once

    The only way i can get my videos to look better is to use the wrong video driver, and it looks all dithered (256 colours due to inactive hardware overlay), but I was wondering if there was a better way, since this makes my computer slow down, and divx stutters....

    i was wondering if there was some sort of hack or special driver that dithered the display automatically... i`ll try and get some pics, as it`s a lot easier to see then...

    also... does anyone know how i can find out how many colours this screen does.


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