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looking for a good place to get a controler

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  • looking for a good place to get a controler

    i have a sharp 8.4 tft lq9do2c(21)

    whare is a good place to find a controler and backlite convrter

    just draging by

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    I have a Sage Cougar-L lcd controller, that I might be able to get rid of. Just drop me an e-mail with and offer or trade. This controller will take analog VGA and convert to 50pin lcd, which I have a cable for that also. It's completely external.


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      for some reson my email ant working

      so i hope this will work

      my screen is a 30 pin conector on the screen
      i think you sead yours is a 50 pin ?

      do i need a new cable
      just draging by


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        Yes you do, and your in luck, I have the 31pin hi rose connection, to loose wires. What I did, and it does take a while, is I soldered the wires to a 50pin scsi connector, it was a lot cheap then $70 for the pre-wired cable. I need to know if you interested for I need to get rid of all my extra stuff before I go off to college in two weeks.

        Chris Ritchie


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          yes i am interested please give me a call

          i live in seattle wa

          heres my cell # 206 234 5400

          i want this if this is what i need

          how do ya want to do this paypal ???
          just draging by