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DMC50037N 40X2 Parallel LCD

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  • DMC50037N 40X2 Parallel LCD

    I was at the local surplus store today and they have 40X2 Optrex DMC50037N LCDs (HD44780 compatible I believe) for $19.95 CDN. Here is a link to some information on this display:
    Optrex DMC50037N Datasheet
    I am good with computers, but not great with electronics (somewhat of a disaster with a soldering iron) but I want to learn more. How involved of a project would it be to wire this display to the parallel port? Would a wiring diagram such as this one work with the display?
    I already have a Matrix Orbital 20X2 serial LCD in the car, but I want to have more info so I'm thinking of using both LCDs together. As always, any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    It's not that difficult. It should take you an hour or two.

    Actually, that is the right diagram... at first I though you said a 4x40, not a 2x40