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Newbie q': looking for in-dash TFT

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  • Newbie q': looking for in-dash TFT

    Been lurking a few days, decided to break the ice with some questions I still have.

    It seems preferable to me (having a relatively cramped integra) to have an in-dash lcd, one that fits into a DIN sized slot and that can slide/fold out. Problem is, all the ones I've found on the web so far seem to have built in tuners or dvds and such, which makes them very expensive.

    I want a TFT that can display 640x480 straight from a VGA card, not analog style TV signals from RCA's.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions? Size isn't all that important as long as I get what I want.

    Thanks for any help.

    Here's the soon to be victim of my new setup.

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    I don't think there is such a beast.. They make in dash lcd's without tuners, etc.. but not with VGA (AFAIK).
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      So basically I'm screwed into having an "external" screen only? That sucks. I find that kind of weird.

      From what I've been reading people aren't generally overly impressed with quality of a tv-out to TFT, especially when using Windows which is what I'll be doing.... I have a tv-out and it sucks on my 32" TV, I can't imagine having to read text on a 4" LCD

      In any case, can you perhaps recommend a "plain-vanilla external" vga capable TFT? My needs aren't extravagant.


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          My NTSC 5.6" display looks great for what I use it for.. CoPilot and Winamp. In both, all the fonts are large or can be enlarged and are easily readable.
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