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Getting power to the controller

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  • Getting power to the controller

    I am SO close to being done with this project I can hardly take it. But I have run into another minor setback. I went to hook up my lcd to the controller and motherboard but then realized I had overlooked something. The paperwork that came with the controller shows that I need a 12 volt power supply. And there is a plug in on the controller, but nothing on the other end of the black and red wires.

    So my question is where do I plug the black and red wires into? All I can think is the power supply, but I don't know. I'd appreciate any and all suggestions, I mean I am sure somebody has done this before. Thanks!

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    put on a molex-connector (the one that goes to your HD / CD-ROM) and use the yellow wire for +12v and the black wire next to it for ground.

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      sounds simple enough, thanks!