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It worked, some questions...

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  • It worked, some questions...

    Ok... I got the LCD to work. But I think I killed the IDE controller on my mobo while trying

    Anyhow. I have some questions...
    The LCD is very faint and won't display any yellow colours. Whites (dos text) has a reddish hue. What could be the problem?

    And where can I get connectors that fits on the Toshiba LTM09c011. It's not a Hirose connector. It's 2 connectors with 15 pins on one and 10 on the other. (I think it was...)

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    without knowing anything other than whats in this post:

    Is it wired right? Check the connections again, even if you KNOW they are right. Get someone else to check them (rule #1 is that the hardest mistakes to find are your own).

    Did you use the right wiring diagram? Don't rely on a "this is close" diagram. The screen you have could be completely different from the schematic you are using. Again, double check.

    Is your power supply good? Make sure the supply you are using provides enough voltage and amperage for your screen/backlight/whatever.
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