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VGA to PAL/NTSC circuit info

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  • VGA to PAL/NTSC circuit info

    hey ppl, I found this interesting site regarding VGA to PAL/NTSC conversion. My system needs something like this, and my guess is that many of you out there make use of this technology. This site has got info about the conversion as well as links to circuits that do this conversion ...

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    I've seen that site before, and the chip used costs something like $40 australian.. I can't afford it..


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      Skinny Boy,

      I mean this in the nicest possible way, but you are into the wrong hobby to not have any money. You need to try to get a job or get a better one. Do not complain about lack of money, because it is there if you want to earn it. You seem to be somewhat bright (although a tad over-eager) and you shouldn't have any problems with getting one. This thing isn't gonna happen for you for me...I've been hanging around here a long time, and I know from experience, being on the second incarnation of my car-puter.

      just some advice...take it or leave it as you will


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        But couldn't you buy a graphics card with TVout for that much??


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          I dont need a graphics card with tv out, since my screen is actually has a tv receiver incorporated with its electronics, and therefore, even when the computer is off, I can watch tv, in fact right now, it can only function as a tv, until I find a way to hook it up to the display. This is why I just want to convert the signal to PAL, so that I can simply hook it in the AV port of the TV.

          by the way, even though I hate taking sides, I agree with Meatballman, a hobby is a hobby, and one should be prepared to spend what is necessary to pursue a hobby, right?