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HELP wiring 31pin LCD to SCSI cable!

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  • HELP wiring 31pin LCD to SCSI cable!

    I need some major help. I almost have my system complete, but running into problems of course. I now have a laptop LCD which has 31pins, and need to wire it to a 50pin female, due to the fact that my LCD controller accepts a 50pin female adapter. I was wondering if they make SCSI connector with loose wires, or a scsi to PCB with solder points. Basically anything, or tips to wiring them without and adapter please help.

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    What kind of LCD is it? A 31 pin connector sounds like a sharp. If you can find the 31 pin connector and the pin outs for both the LCD and the controller then you can just get a scsi cable, cut it in two and do some soldering.

    Or you can order a premade one from some one like this but they're kinda expensive.

    I purchased this controller from ebay and it came with the 50pin to 31 pin connector.
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      Well I have both pinouts and a adapter which takes the LCD and has 31 seperate wires. I might just goto Radio$hack and get a wire your own Parallel cable, and use the female cripper holders and see if they will slide on ok.


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        If you can please replay with help. Tried the female DIY chimp holers and the don't stay on very well.


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          why are u using scsi cable. Just get a parallel cable like i did in my first setup and use that. You will still have enough wires lift for addition features. If you really want to do it right, go look and see how i did my first setup. I had HD,Power,IR and ON/OFF switch running through the remaining wires.
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