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  • Seiko - L4034 & L2014

    So I'm building an MP3 player (a suprise on this board I'm sure). I'm considering ordering one of the two displays listed above. I haven't decided which yet as I have to see how much room I have where I want to mount it. I'd prefer the 4x40, but if I don't have room, I'll buy the 4x20.

    In any case, I have a few questions for you all. I emailed eio ( and asked a couple questions. Namely about the header and the cable they offer on their LCDpage. I can get the header for free, and they say the cable they have (14 pin) will be enough as the other two slots are for backlight. Does this mean I need to hook power/ground up to these?

    In case you couldn't tell, I'm not an experinced electronics person. I know computers well, but some insight into this would be greatly appreciated. As well as anything anyone has to say about these displays or ordering from eio.


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    an L4034 has 18 pins
    an L2014 has 16 pins

    On both displays, 2pins are indeed for the backlight.

    You don't just hook-up power to these 2 pins. They need a pot on the ground wire.

    Look at the different schematics, then you'll know what I mean:



    About ordering from eio.
    Well.. it certanly is not the best company around, and sometimes it takes some time before it gets delivered.
    But I haven't heard of anyone who didn't get anything which he had ordered.

    If you want to know more opinions about EIO use the search function. they have been discussed many times

    Hope this helps you out !
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      Those 14 pin cables are ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS!

      They only have 13 pins. One of the center pins is blocked, so it can't go onto anything anyway.

      I don't know why they sell them, because they WILL NOT WORK with ANY of the lcd's they sell


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        About the second picture...
        the LCD may only have 16pins, and the backlight is connected in a different place...

        just thought I would point that out...