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HELP backlight inverter and LCD

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  • HELP backlight inverter and LCD

    I aam still in procees to setting up my LCD, I recieved my backlight inverter, from, today. I have a question though. My LCD is a Goldstar 640x480 TFT with one lamp. But I have no idea how many mA it takes. The inverter can be setup for 10mA, 6.5mA, and 5mA. If anyone know how I can figure this out, or test without a case of ruining my lcd, please let me know.

    Chris Ritchie

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    ~~~BUMP~~~ still need help !


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      Id see if u cant find the tech doc's on that screen manufacturer's website or by calling them and asking. IF you can get hold of tech docs, they ussually prove to be extensive and u have to spend a while looking throught it...but they will have it. Maybe look for something about min and max input specs on the CCD
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