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  • Hi-Res LCD??

    I was looking at my wife's ericsson mobile phone and was impressed by the display. I don't know the correct terminology, I can only describe it as having a "tight" resolution and a cool looking backlight. The display does a good job showing small icons and the color is kind of a toxic-looking blue-green color (really bright).

    Not the same phone, but here's a picture of what I'm talking about.

    Does anyone know about this kind of display? Are they available/affordable? To me they look a little cooler than the standard ones, not as grainy looking.

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    I've been servicing mobiles for about a year now. The new ericssons use an electro-luminescent backlight(It's a pain to replace I might add). EL backlight LCDs look better than LED backlighting in my opinion but they require and inverter and have a shorter life than LEDs. As for the resolution, it's not actually that high on these displays it looks good mainly because the display is so small. Somebody has a web page with a way of converting a standard character LCD to an EL backlight and somebody else might remember the URL. The EL backights are a very thin plastic strip with a phosphor coating and they produce a white light. The white light is filtered to produce whatever colour you want.


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      from pioneer website:
      "The brightest light of the year comes exclusively from Pioneer. The OEL (Organic EL) display delivers high-contrast, moving 3D images. The light-organic material is placed between two electrodes; when electric power is applied to the electrodes, light is emitted. The display's smart functionality lets you control and confirm play source operating information at a glance, and provides plenty of space for text, for lists of tracks, discs or other data from MDs or CDs. "

      i think this the same thing u guys r talking about

      take a look @

      for a picture...
      hope this helps
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        Hey Technics, If you have been servicing cell phones i have a question for you. I recently have bought a Motorola 8767 and its the flip face phone. The flip on the phone wiggles in the closed position. It is really annoying and I was wondering if this is common?..... [email protected]
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          I was talking about a type of display, similar to the 4 X 40's that people often use. I was wondering if anyone had looked at these types of displays as an alternative to the 4 X 40's.


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            ahh, ok. It would still be cool to get mp3 info on one of those el headunit displays though, but they'd be a pain 2 hack

            if you did use an el backlight for a 4x40, it would look much nicer if the 4x40 was inverted...
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              I want to do that, but I haven't been able to find a source for EL

              Some places sell it in small sheets, but I haven't found anything big enough for a 4x40


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                Here's one place that seems to deal with EL, no mention of price though:


                another one:


                Arby, if you figure it out, let me know. I may be interested in buying one from you (if you are interested that is).

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                  I know I can buy the screens with an EL backlight, but I'm looking for places that sell the El sheets so I can do stuff myself


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                    Oh, sorry about that.