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    I hate to say that I had to give in and pay earth lcd the outrageous price they charge for controller cards, but I did. And having forgotten about how much I spent, I am now thrilled because my stuff just arrived. So my 8.4" sharp tft will no longer be lifeless. So here is my question(s) :

    I got a vga controller card, and now just need an extension, so how long is too long of an extension, and does anybody know of a place to come across an extension for relatively cheap.


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    VGA extension cables are available up to 15 metres I think. Here at the office we have one running to the projector (video cannon) and it is working great.

    Any place that sells presentation equipment or a shop with a lot of goods may have it. I do not know weither it is cheap or expensive. Never bought one
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      I saw it on some website...
      dunno the url.
      but this maybe gives you an idea of the costs

      50ft VGA-extension-cable $80

      But I think you can cheaper ones..

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        awsome guys, thanks for the quick responses!


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          Make sure that you spend the money and get a quality shielded cable. I had a cheap one and it flickered all the time.