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How do I hook up an inverter?

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  • How do I hook up an inverter?

    Are there data sheets for these things - is it anything special. I can't come up with anything. I've seen several data sheets (not for my type) that show V+, V-, Control, NC. What do these match up to if I just want to hook it to a 12V DC source? Any direction would be helpful. Thanks.

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    I have a JRC NJD-4280 UA0392p01

    It has 7 wires on its input - how in the world do I figure out which is which to power this up?


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      Beats me. V+ and V-? Most inverters only have two inputs. Positive and negative.
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        Most should have at least 4 pins. My sharp inverter was a 5 pin input.

        1) +12VDC
        2) ground
        3) N/C
        4) Control
        5) Control

        So 4 and 5 I put a pot on to adjust the voltage.. and then obviously 2 pin-outs for the AC voltage.

        I'm not sure why there would be 7 pins. Are they all used?
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          I can identify two for the pot, that leaves 5. They are all used as well. By the way, this may be dumb, but what is N/C?


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            I think it means not connected or not used.
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              These guys sell that inverter and service laptops, maybe if you drop them an email they'll send you some documentation or at least tell you the pinout.


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                Thanks - I have actually begged every person who retails this piece I could find - no one could help me.