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new LCD stocks at EIO?

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  • new LCD stocks at EIO?

    hi, Im kinda new to all this,

    I was looking at EIO at this week they have an LCD screen with the HD44780 chipset, its a Seiko L1562B 2x16 characters for $12.00

    I know that some of those drivers for Winamp MPXPLAY, etc are for those bigger 4x40 HD44780 based screens. Would this screen work ok, and can the software be easily adjusted to squeeze everything into 2x16 ok?

    I am not very electronicly minded, but I think I could handle rigging one up to the old printer port.

    Is this the right product for us??


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    In most plugins you have to specify what the size of the display is..

    Then the plugin takes care off putting all information in the available space..

    With the markus zehnder plugin, you can even customize all output from the plugin.. where you want to have it.. like 4th charater on the 2nd line...

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      In short: yes, you will be able to make it work just fine.

      You will most likely not be satisfied with the amount of real estate on the screen though. I would suggest you get at least a 4x20 or a 2x40.


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        2x16 is kinda tiny, though


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        You could barely fit anything on there.

        Try to get a 4x20 or 2x40, they're only $15

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