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8 inch monitor listed on ebay..i need some info

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  • 8 inch monitor listed on ebay..i need some info

    I was interested in buying this screen.
    WHAT do u think?
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    Probably a you get what you pay for situation. Cheap, but it'll work. The resolution on it sucks.

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      I've seen and tried these monitors myself. They are available in Canada (Vancouver) The resolution is not too bad. It actually is quite comparable to the older liliput except theyre not as bright. The build quality is not as plastic bezel. But then again, depending on application, if you needed to modify and mold the existing bezel it shouldnt be a problem. The ebay posting says up 640x480 but the Canadian site lists it at 1024x768. Note that they also list it with a contrast of 250:1 and 400 brightness - not even close to a xenark ! But you get what you pay for.
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        i also wouldnt buy from someone who sells a product and doesnt even take the time to make their photoshop of the product look good. This is on par with the super tiny hands photoshop
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          I have one and the other users are correct. The resolotion is not great for use in windows but it works well for video and frontend software. I have 1 installed on the drivers headrest for the passengers to use the computer and it works well. Even the GPS (iGuidance) is very readable. For the money it is worth it.
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            thanks guys......i think until I really get addicted to the car pc hobby, I am going to stick with my current 7 inch (not a touch screen).
            I am going to begin my install this weekend.
            Computers hate me.