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TFT screen from a camcorder?

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  • TFT screen from a camcorder?

    I was just lookin at my camcorder and noticed, hey, it has a color LCD screen! Is there a was to hack these so they will take a composite input? Then all you need is a TV out card and a RCA cable! Sure would beat payin 50 bucks for a VGA cable! just a thought....


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    Sure, you can do that. I wouldn't take apart a working video camera to do it though when you can get a larger 4" screen for less than $99
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      I was thinking broken ones. You go to a TV/VCR type repair shop and say if they get any camcorders with the screens that are "beyond repair" to give you a call. I used to do that and get free TV's and VCR's


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        Some of those cameras with LCD viewscreens have a video-in jack. That wouldnt require a hack (just a relocation of the screen, perhaps).
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