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EIO sold out of Seiko L4034

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  • EIO sold out of Seiko L4034

    I just looked at EIO again to get another Seiko L4034 but they are sold out. Does any one know of another place that I can get a 4x40 display. I have emailed data international about 3 or 4 times and am not getting a response. Where else can I buy a 4x40 display.

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    Don't bother with Data International, they want $65 for the 40X4. I e-mailed them asking for a price plus a data sheet, after 4 e-mails someone e-mailed me back, the only thing in the e-mail was "$65", plus no datasheet. Not the best people to deal with...


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      Uh oh!

      I might not be making any more lcd's if I can't find somewhere else!


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        i guess its timeline then btu they dont have backlights, or is u just have to pay extra?


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          I got me self a nice 40X4 LCD as a "free sample" I didn't actually think it would come, but it did...

          I am quite happy...

          no more wasting money on carputer bits, I can get free samples now...


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            from where? Data international?

            I emailed them, and got the address of a guy in australia.

            Also some one posted that they want them back? i dont recall where excatally.
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              yeah, fron data international...
              do they ask for then back???
              I don't think they will...