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Anyone have this monitor: VMI70

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  • Anyone have this monitor: VMI70

    I'm looking for a new flip-up touchscreen 7" monitor.
    In my travels I have seen this thing:
    VMI70 7" TFT-LCD monitor with touch panel and VGA
    7" fully motorized in-dash TFT-LCD monitor touchscreen VGA and TV
    - Resolution: 800x480(WVGA)
    - 16:9 TFT-LCD
    - Power: 12V
    - Consumption: 8-12W
    - VGA support: 640x480-1280x768
    - 4 wire resistive touchscreen panel
    - Video Input: AV1/AV2
    - Audio Output: Single audio output
    - Standard PAL/NTSC TV signal reception
    - Double-channel video input
    - Panasonic CMOS
    - Visual Angle: 40(i), 30(u)
    - Brightness: 280 cd/mē
    - Constrast: 150
    - Chromatic System: PAL/NTSC (auto switch)
    - Power: DC 11.5V-13V
    - Working Current: 800mA
    - Operating Temperature: 0-50 C
    - Input: Double-channel AV/TV input, 1 VGA input
    and this thing:
    Tendak Digital Technology Co. Ltd

    or this guy...
    7" FULLY AUTOMATIC IN-Dash LCD Monitor w/VGA & Touchscreen
    For In-Car computing, PC, Server, GPS, and various VGA uses
    In-dash type fully motorized TFT LCD
    16:9 and 4:3 adjustable
    4 wire resistive touch screen panel (USB)
    VGA input (15 pin D-SUB)
    Video Input system NTSC/PAL/SECAM auto switching
    2 RCA video inputs, 1 RCA rear camera input
    High resolution display up to 1600 x 1200
    Adjustable color, contrast, brightness, hue, sharpness
    Fully funcational infrared remote control
    Does anyone have any of these installed, or experience with it? For $400 it seems like a comparable product to the 2 that aren't sold here anymore.
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    The first one looks very much like the SP-716, which is covered in detail on this site. The reviews aren't so great, from what I gather. I could be wrong though...

    The 2nd one, from what I understand, is the K301 and is the exact same thing as the MTSVO-SC which used to be sold here. So, if a bunch of people are having problems with the MTSVO-SC, I would expect the K301 to have the same issues.