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  • Cool TFT idea!

    I have a strange Idea I want to run by you guys. I have been having terrible luck with hdd44780 LCDs, and I think I am giving up on them.

    So, would it be possible to rob a TFT off an old Camcorder, and use it?
    I know it would be small, but I could run in 640x480, and use Ctrl-D on Winamp to make it big, I would also not use the top and Eq parts of Winamp, just the bottom play list part, and make it as big as possible.
    Then, I could mount the LCD on a small hinge somewhere inconspicous, and have no problems.
    Would this be hard to do?

    And, would it be legal? As all I can display is Song info, but it is a TFT, and in view of the driver.
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    should work, just as long as the display has composite in... also, powering it might not be easy. u could also use nice vis plug-ins once it`s up and running though

    personally, i think they`re a bit small... anything below 6 inches ain`t enough 4 me... lol
    oh, and before u ask, mine is 10 inches (the tft that is!)
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      You are better off getting a 4" TFT screen....leave the camera alone
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