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8" Lilliputs, two quick questions..

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  • 8" Lilliputs, two quick questions..

    I bought two of the 8" Lilliput screens from the MP3 car store, and sofar they are a huge improvement over all the hassle I had with my old 7". Anyway, the one screen in the GTP is the one I use frequently. I did the factory mode thing where you have the screen turn on by itself. This has happened about 3-4 times and I don't know if anything is wrong or if it's just the way it happened to startup but I figured I'd ask anyhow.. I turn it on and the screen just shows up bright white with no picture. I can't even see "VGAMODE" in green pop up on the screen either. It doesn't go away until I turn off the computer and turn it back on. It did it twice in a row this morning and the third time I turned the computer on it loaded up just fine.. Most of the time it's fine but it's done this a few times already and I wanna make sure it's not defective. It's powered by an ATX power supply.

    Also, on the old 7" model the > arrow was auto-adjust, on the 8" model the < arrow is auto adjust and when you hit the > arrow, it changes the brightness of the screen.. It appears theres 4 different brightnesses (Lets say Dark, Light, Lighter, Lightest for example). On the screen in the GTP it always loads up on Lightest, where I would like. But on the second screen I bought in the Camaro, it loads up on Lighter and I have to press > once to bring it to the brightest setting. If you press power and turn the screen off and turn it back on, it's back to "Lighter" again. Is this configureable in the Factory mode anywhere? I usually drive during the day time mostly and I'd prefer it to start on the highest setting. Having to press the > Button every time the screen in the Camaro turns on to turn it to the brightest setting defeats the purpose of eliminating the need to press the power button to turn the screen on, I still have to press something to be on my way.. I would think it should remember the setting you leave it on.

    1991 Camaro Z28
    2004 Acura TL