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  • LCD for Malibu dash

    I have a had a tough time tiring to find a suitable LCD to fit my 1997 Malibu. I want and LCD to fit in place of the receiver. This car, like all GMs, has the special 1.5 DIN factor. The Pioneer 7 wide screen is nice however, is there anything optimized for that DIN size? I looked at the possibility of moving the air conditioning/heater controls, but there are a bunch of wires and a few hoses connected to it, so I do not want to move them. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    EDIT: That big picture was anoying, you can click on it if you wish to see it.

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    I have your car dude, and I am going to be putting my 40x4 LCD display directly below the A/C controls where the cigarette lighter and shelf reside at the moment. Because I don't smoke and the wires running to the cigarette lighter will be wired to my inverter anyway, I am just going to use a dremel tool to trim the trim, so to speak, to make the opening there large enough and then mount the LCD in some way. I'll let you know how it goes


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      Well, I did the above what I said and it looks pretty damn good. I'll try to post pics if you are still interested?


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        Sure, post some pics.

        I roommate hooked me up with a 6.8 Alpine wide screen. This is the model:

        I got it installed right under the a/c controls. The only thing I do not like about that location is that the gear shifter thing is right in the way. It sort of blocks the screen when in Park, but it is okay when youre in Drive.

        Eventually, maybe when the weather gets warm this spring, Ill rip out the head unit and put the screen there.


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          WERD, can he hook me up with one of those?