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Only bottom lines working on 4x40

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  • Only bottom lines working on 4x40

    I have a Seiko L4034 and I dropped some solder on one of the controller chips. It was the one closest to the pins. I crossed some of the connections there. I finally got all of the solder off. However while doing this I messed up some of the connections. Well, I hooked it up and lcdprint will not detect it but I can use a plugin for winamp and it works but the top two lines. Go blank when I start a plugin for winamp. With just power lines 1 and 3 show blocks like they are suppose to but line 1 goes blank when I start a plugin. Does one controller chip controll lines 1 and 2, and the other controlls 3 and 4 or what does each controller chip do. I would buy another one but EIO is out of them and I can not find anyother 4x40 screens. I may have to settle for a 4x20 but really want a 4x40. I have checked my wiring and know that is correct. All connects are tight. Does anyone know where I can get another 4x40 screen or does anyone have they want to sell.

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    Yea, a 4x40 is basically two 2x40's

    The first chip controls the top 2x40, the second one controls the bottom 2x40.

    I think you broked it


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      only the two top lines on my LCD work, and there is a section down the middle with nothing on it...


      did i rek it when I soldered it???


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        I changed my mind...
        all the lines work...