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    I bought a nice 12" LCD TFT screen a while back to use for my project, but before I go any further I just wanted to see what you guys think of it. It's called a NL8060BC31-05. From what I know, it's made by NEC, it's 800x600 res, came with a backlight inverter and it's in great condition. NEC emailed me the entire spec sheet on it as well.

    So do you think it should work? Which company would be my best bet for getting a controller card for this type of screen? Thanks!
    AMD Duron 750, 128m RAM, 10gig WD, 12.1" TFT screen, SB Live! 5.1, custom plexiglass case

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    It looks this has an LVDS connection? You may need a controller with a Panellink connection. Do a search for LVDS and video card or Panellink on google and you may come up with some hits. I would also send an e-mail to and see what they say. It may be that you just need a run of the mill LCD controller card. In any case you have a little challenge but it would look great if you got it working. Good luck with it.